Classical survey

The traditional property method when the building survey by the tape measure and telemeter, prepare the drawing by the CAD system.

We undertake to do the whole process to provide the output in different format.


Laser scanning

3D object scanning allows enhancing the design process, speeds up and reduces data collection errors, saves time and money, and thus makes it an attractive alternative to traditional data collection techniques. 3D scanning is also used for mobile mapping, surveying, scanning of buildings and building interiors, and in archaeology.

We and partners have 10 years experience to do the laser scanning, recognize the model and prepare the intelligent database.


Building conditions inspection

The basic condition of effective facilities management is the existing of the up-to-date information. It is not sufficient to assess the geometry of the building, it need to know the condition of the building elements.


Complex service

The operation is depend from lot of information, data. If you need to take over a building quickly, it will be important to obtain as much information.

We suggest a complex service include the surveying the geometry, inspect the building condition, inspection the contracts, and all missing things.