The consulting activity start witht the inspection of the company. The deep of the inspection depends from the target of the main activity.

The output of the inspection is a mirror, in which can see the actual situation.



The FM strategy is different at the service providers and at the client companies.

Part of the strategy has to be determined at the Client, which fit the company's business strategy.

The business strategy need to preparation at the FM service provider companies. This strategy give the answer of the long term success.


Tender preparation

The main criteria of the success outsourcing is the preparation. If the client not prepare well the FM outsourcing, lot of risk stay in the partnership. We suggest a kowledge, which is increased the client risk.


Operation plan

It is natural, if the engineer, architect have done the drawings of the new building to provide the well construction. But it is not natural to prepare the operation plan of the building. The architectural drawings support the first 1-2 years of the building life cycle, the operation plan support the remained 50 years.

We undertake to draw up operational plans for new and old buildings.


SLA elaboration

Lot of experiences can be found on the market about the wrong partnership, bad communication, stopped contract. The main reason is the lack of proper rules, service level agreement (SLA).

We undertake to prepare SLA.


Performance system - KPI

The managemt could not operate without the correct information. But too much information is problem, it is difficult to find the relevant data.

The own's developed KPI system helps to the management.


Workplace management

If you want real benefits from your asset portfolio, you need more than just building maintenance to drive efficiencies.

FMC uses workplace management as an effective means of managing clients’ assets to achieve efficiencies across their whole portfolio. We combine a range of "traditional" facilities management services with more strategic services and with interior design software experince.


Energy management

The energy management is more like to inspect the bill or the measuring data. The energy management is complex approach across sustainable development lens.