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Information is power

We ensure information

In the information society the information has become the crucual point for success. However, due to the large quantity of data, it is indispensable to systematize them so that we get clear and accessible results. We enable your enterprise to obtain data in an user-friendly way.

Estimation, documentation

Estimation can be done in the conventional way, room- by-room to which we ensure the professional background, schedule the estimation process and verify the result.
Direct result will be a sketch and the data. K-ÉP Stúdió offers data procession in 2D drawing form or in 3D modelling.

Intelligent estimation

The fastest way is laser scanning that results a point-felhő upon which a 3D model can be created.
The photometry enable to get exact information of the earth surface and position of various properties due to photos.


K-ÉP Studio is the data-owner of LEO’s benchmarking project and takes an active role in its development, hence
  • dispose of adequate and qualified data.
  • we are familiar in data collection and qualification methods,
  • we have significant practice in data evaluation, business use,
  • our clients can integrate them in their own performance evaluation system
  • our benchmarking service applies international comparative data.
  • Data consolidation

    Information are stored in various ways, such as in a main server, Excel sheets, accounting system or even paper form in an enterprise that result discrepancy, that requires clarification.First step to success is to ensure the data qualification.

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